ALBUM: Nasty C – Zulu Man With Some Power

South African rapper Nasty C has finally released his album Zulu Man With Some Power.

South African rapper Nasty C has finally released his album Zulu Man With Some Power Album.

Zulu Man With Some Power is the 23 year old’s third studio album following the success of Bad Hair and Strings and Bling.

The new album fresh off the shelf collaborates with the likes of T.I, Tellaman, Rowlene, Ari Lennox, Lil Gotit & Lil Keed. In total the Zulu Man With Some Power project is 20 songs deep with Nasty C proving once again he is the crown prince of South African hip hop.


Zulu Man With Some Power’ doesn’t just refer to amount; it mainly refers to the magnitude of Nasty C’s powers as a rap artist and continuously growing star. On his third studio album, he casts a larger than life shadow with a set of songs that sees him working at his impenetrable best. It’s the work of an artist who’s confident enough to believe he possesses a Midas touch, and he backs it up with a body of work that’s worth its weight in gold.


Listen below and download ” ALBUM: Nasty C – Zulu Man With Some Power Mp3″ Below:

1. Nasty C – King Shit

2: Nasty C – Steve Biko

3: Nasty C – That’s Hard

4: Nasty C – Overpriced Steak

5: Nasty C – Feeling

6: Nasty C – La Vida Loca

7: Nasty C – Zone

8: Nasty C – How Many Times

9: Nasty C – Eazy

10: Nasty C – All In

11: Nasty C – Lose Some Win Some

12: Nasty C – Sad Boys

13: Nasty C – Black And White

14: Nasty C – Deep Pockets

15: Nasty C – Bookoo Bucks

16: Nasty C – Palm Trees

17: Nasty C – Zulu Man

18: Nasty C – Ababulali

19: Nasty C – There They Go

20: Nasty C – They Don’t



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